1.ANDREEA MĂNESCU, LUCA MIHAIL, MIHALACHE RALUCA - Identifying pollutants in the Siret river basin by applying new assessment tools on monitoring data: the correlation of land use and physico-chemical parameter of water quality analysis
2.ALINA TIRNOVAN, GHEORGHE ROMANESCU, GIANINA MARIA COJOC - The impact of heavy rainfall in the hydrological regime of Suha river basin in 2006
3.BRINDUSA CHIOTOROIU, VENETA IVANOVA, LIVIU APOSTOL - Atmospheric patterns during the storms from january 2014 in Bulgaria and Romania
4.GALIŞ VIOREL - The wind regime in the Crişul Negru hydrographic basin
5.MASOUD RAFIEI, A.S. GADGIL, HEMLATA PATIL, TONGDI JAMIR - Evaluation of health consequences of air pollution induced by beam rolling mills factory (Iran)
6.ALINA DANIELA COJINOVSCHI, EUGEN RUSU - Analysis of the dynamics of the forest surfaces in the county of Iaşi between 1990 and 2012
8.ANTHONY EGBU , DECKLAN OKOROIGWE - Informal collection of household solid waste in three towns of Anambra state, Nigeria

Volume 8, no.2 - 2014

9.SIBANANDA SENAPATI, VIJAYA GUPTA - Climate change, urbanization and livelihood perspective of indigenous fishing communities of Mumbai, India


10.MUNTEANU MARIUS, ION SANDU, IOANA HUȚANU, LILIANA NICA - The study of stages and operations involved in the preservation and restoration of two xix-th century icons, on wooden support


11.ALEXANDRU-IONUŢ PETRIŞOR, LILIANA PETRIŞOR - Geostatistical approach to find ‘hotspots’ where biodiversity is at risk in a transition country


12.MARIA NEDEALCOV, DUMITRU DRUMEA - The impact of climate change on the eutrophication of water ecosystems in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova
  13.RADU LACATUSU, ANCA-ROVENA LACATUSU, MIHAELA LUNGU, MIHAELA MONICA STANCIU BURILEANU, ANDREI VRÎNCEANU - Zinc regime in the sewage sludge-soil-plant system of a city waste water treatment pond
  14.GIANINA MARIA COJOC, GHEORGHE ROMANESCU,  ALINA TIRNOVAN - The importance of water temperature fluctuations in relation to the hydrological factor. Case study – Bistrita river basin (Romania)
  15.MARIA NEDEALCOV - The impact of weather and climate risks on cereal crops productivity
  16.MARĂ, M, DÂRLĂU, OANA - Types and forms of relief on Gherasim torrential valley, Târgu Ocna
  17.GĂMAN C. - Considerations on recent freezing phenomena on Bistriţa and Bistricioara rivers
  18.BĂRCĂCIANU FLORENTINA, APOSTOL LIVIU - Considerations on temperature inversions in the lower troposphere in the 2001-2002 cold season, south of the carpathian mountains
  19.APOSTOL LIVIU, MIHĂIŢĂ TIRON - Suitability of wind potential in some areas of central Moldavian Plateau
  20.PAVEL ICHIM, LIVIU APOSTOL, LUCIAN SFÎCĂ, ADRIANA-LUCIA KADHIM-ABID, VASILICĂ ISTRATE - Frequency of thermal inversions between Siret and Prut rivers in 2013

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