NICOLETA IONAC, MONICA MATEI - The influence of european climate variability mechanism on air temperatures in Romania
EUGEN RUSU, ALINA-DANIELA COJINOVSCHI - Structural dynamics of Romanian forests after 1990
CONSTANTIN STRECHE, ADRIAN BADEA, IRINA A.ISTRATE, DIANA M.COCÂRŢĂ, TIBERIU APOSTOL - Experimental research regarding the application of electro-flushing method on diesel contaminated soils
DANA MARIA (OPREA) CONSTANTIN, EMIL CÎRCIUMARU, VICTOR VIOREL VĂTĂMANU - The land‘s susceptibility, due to atmospheric precipitations, within the catchment area of Câlnău
MARIA NEDEALCOV - Climate change and anomalies asociated in the Republic of Moldova
VIOREL PARASCHIV, OVIDIU-MIRON MACHIDON, DOINA CAPSA, JUDIT GĂINĂ - Climatic and hydrological hazards in june 26-27, 2010 in the upper basin of Trotuș. Case study: between the proposed preparation and the effects at Agăș (County of Bacău)
ELENA TEODOREANU, LOREDANA-ELENA HAVRIŞ (MIC) - The comparative analysis of the thermal regime in the Rucăr-Bran corridor and the Prahova-Timiş corridor
ISABELA BALAN, IRINA DANA TUTUNARU, CLAUDIU PRICOP, IOAN BALAN - Studies regarding the safety in operation of Ezer reservoir

Volume 8, no.1 - 2014

BACAL PETRU - Optimization problems and solutions of forest resources management in Moldova


MINEA IONUŢ, NICA DRAGOŞ, BOCA BOGDAN - Preliminary assessments of the relation: precipitations – water – sediments with regard to some anthropic accumulations in the river basin of Bahlui


CHANDINI P.K, JAYSOORYAN K.K, RINOY VARGHESE, SREEDHARAN K, SMITHA K. P. - Endosulfan resistance profile of soil bacteria and potential application of resistant strains in bioremediation


ELENA TEODOREANU - Little ice age in Romania in the vision of a syrian traveler
  PETRU COCIRTA, VIACESLAV VLADICESCU - Roads rehabilitation and environment in Moldova: some legal and normative harmonization aspects
  MIHALACHE RALUCA MARIA, MANESCU ANDREEA - Interpolation grid for local area of Iasi city
  DANCIU-CIURLÃU DORUŢA - An episode of late blizzard, 25-26 march 2013
  ALEXANDRU-IONUŢ PETRIŞOR, LILIANA PETRIŞOR - 25 years of sustainability. A critical assessment
  ION ISAIA - Oscillations and cycles of air temperature in Russia
  MIRELA DANUBIANU, DRAGOS MIRCEA DANUBIANU, CRISTIAN TEODORESCU, LUCIAN CONSTANTIN - Data-mining – a valuable managerial tool for improving power plants efficiency
  GHEORGHE DAMIAN, DANIEL NĂSUI, FLOAREA DAMIAN, DAN CIURTE -Erosion assessment modeling using the SATEEC GIS model on the Prislop catchment
  ILIE COVRIG, VALENTIN NĂSTĂSESCU - Management of anthropogenic factor in Mureş county forests
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