Volume 7, no.1/ 2013


1.ELENA TEODOREANU - Some aspects of climate variability deducted from analysis of days with different thermal characteristics
2.GUTSULYAK V., DUMITRAS D., TANASYUK M. - Evaluation of the ecological situation of rural geosystems of Northen Bukovina
3.DUMITRU MIHAILA, ION TANASA, IONEL PETRU BISTRICEAN - Extreme weather interval types in Suceava: frosty and tropical intervals
4.DAN-ADRIAN CHELARU, LIVIU APOSTOL, ADRIAN URSU - Spatial analysis of forested area dynamics in Bistria Valley - subcarpathian sector

5.ION ISAIA – Oscillations and cycles of air temperature in South America

6.ANA - MARIA BURLEA, IONEL MUNTELE - Geographic and socio – economic health inequalities in Neamt County, Romania

7.NJOMBISSIE PETCHEU IGOR CASIMIR , GROZA OCTAVIAN, TCHINDJANG MESMIN, BONGADZEM CARINE SUSHUU - Traditions and Bamiléké cultural rites: tourist stakes and sustainability
8.EUGEN RUSU - The current situation of the stock of carbon in forest ecosystems at regional and global

9.MARIA CANACHE, ION SANDU, MARIN CHIRAZI, TUDOR LUPASCU,IOANGABRIEL SANDU - The influence of the saline aerosols on the staturo-ponderal growth and on some functional characteristics of children

10.LILIANA PANAITESCU, MARIUS LUNGU, SIMONA NIA - Agrometeorological and technological conditions for rape cultivation in Dobrudja

11.DANUBIANU DRAGOS MIRCEA, TEODORESCU CRISTIAN, DANUBIANU MIRELA - A new fate for the demolition waste – a case study

12.MARIUS LUNGU, DUMITRELA LUNGU, LILIANA PANAITESCU, SIMONA NIA - Evaluation of wind energy potential in Dobrudja

13.IONU MIHAI PRUNDEANU, OVIDIU GABRIEL IANCU, NICOLAE BUZGAR - Distribution of two elements (P, K) with nutrition role in soils of Falticeni and Sârca apple-growing areas (Romania)

14.FLORIN-CONSTANTIN MIHAI - Performance assessment method of urban waste management systems from Neam County, Romania

15.CORA BULMAU, ADRIAN BADEA , DIANA COCÂRA, GIGEL PARASCHIV - Evaluation of the non-oxidative thermal technology for removal of petroleum products from contaminated soils

16.IRINA MIRCEA - Determining the protection areas for the main captures which exploits the free level aquifer from the South Dobrogea

17.PAULA FURTUNA, N. MAIER, I.H. HOLOBÂCA - Windthrow detection by satellite images and effect assessment

18.CLAUDIU GAMAN - The impact of landslides on the DN 15 national road in the area of the Izvoru Muntelui – Bicaz reservoir

19.FLORIN-CONSTANTIN MIHAI - Tourism implications on local waste management. Case study: Neam County, Romania

20.ANCA MACIUCA, DIACONESCU CATALIN - Forest certification effects on sustainable management of Romanian forest ecosystems

21.LACRAMIOARA MIRELA VLAD, IOAN ILAS, IOSIF BARTHA - The effects of river regularization, embankment and draining on the ecology of major water meadows

22.FLORIN VARTOLOMEI, RASVAN DAMIAN, IULIANA ARMAS - Assessing the quality on natural environment in the context of the drilling exploitation and mining-site abandonment phenomena. the Ialomita subcarpathian area/Romania

23.FRÉDÉRIC CHAMBERLIN LOUNANG TCHATCHOUANG, JOSEPH YOUTA HAPPI, EMMANUEL NGWA NEBASINA, ADRIAN GROZAVU - Spatial dynamics of the grove and its environmental implications on the landscape of Western Highlands of Cameroon

24.ALEXANDRU-IONU PETRISOR, LILIANA ELZA PETRISOR - The shifting relationship between urban and spatial planning and the protection of the environment: Romania as a case study

25.VLAD LACRAMIOARA MIRELA, BARTHA JOSIF, ILAS IOAN,TOMA DANIEL - Renaturation and extension solutions for wetlands inside embanked enclosures

26.Y.C.WONG, S.H. LIM N.A. ATIQAH - Remediation of industry wastewater effluent by using kenaf as waxes absorbent

Saïs basin (Morocco),vulnerability mapping by drastic, god and prk methods, involving geographic information system (GIS)

28.LAILA MESRAR, MARYAM AKDIM, MOHAMED LAKRIM, OMAR EL AROUSSI, IATIMAD AKHRIF, ABDEL-ALI CHAOUNI, RAOUF JABRANE - Echnological valorization of the Miocene clay in the region of Fez (Morocco): characterisation and exploitation possibilities

29.IOAN DONISA - Maria Nedealcov: "Agroclimatic resources in the context of climate change" – Institute of Ecology and Geography, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Chisinau, 2012,





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