Volume no.4 2010

1. FRÉDÉRIC HOFFMANN An example of a high water quality: the upper Segre basin, eastern Pyrenees, France

2. MARA PILLONI, MARIA TERESA MELIS, ALBERTO MARINI Analysis and validation of a methodology to evaluate land cover change in the mediterranean basin using multitemporal Modis data
3. GHEORGHE JIGĂU Conceptual and methodological framework in the implementation of the resource – conservative technologies in the Carpatho- Danubian-Pontic area
4. NATHAN COHEN – The water balance’s impact of the Dead Sea’s tributaries on the development of its port waters
5. VALENTINA ANDRIUCA - Assessment of the ecological situation and the state of the drinking water quality in rural areas of the Dniester river basin
6. PETRU BACAL - Spatial analysis of the relationship between emissions and the main recipient components
7. MARZIA BOCCONE - Dust detection algorithm using MODIS data and HYDRA software
8. CARLA BUOSI, FABRIZIO FRONTALINI, STEFANIA DA PELO, ANTONIETTA CERCHI, RODOLFO COCCIONI, CARLA BUCCI - Foraminiferal proxies for environmental monitoring in the polluted lagoon of Santa Gilla (Cagliari, Italy)
  9. STEFANO MELIS, SUZANA SALVADORI, GIAN LUIGI PILLOLA - Sardinian deer: derivations, fossil discoveries and current distribution
  10. FRANCESCA GIORDANO, MARZIA BOCCONE - Forest fragmentation, urbanization and landscape structure analysis in an area prone to desertification in Sardinia (Italy)
  11. FATIMA ZAHRA NAHRAOUI, MOHAMED EL WARTITI, MOHAMED ZAHRAUOI, SANAA DABI - Geomorphosite valorization, a view to sustainable development: case of Ait Hajji, Oued Boulahmayil valley, Central Morocco
  12. IRINA UNGUREANU - Fundamental and applied in the geographic research on the environment
  14. GHEORGHE ROMANESCU, CRISTINA DINU, CRISTIAN STOLERIU, ANA MARIA ROMANESCU - Present state of trophic parameters of the main wetlands and deep waters from Romania
  15. ELENA TEODOREANU – Psychoclimatology – An unknown chapter of bioclimatology
  16. MIHAELA LUNGU, RODICA DOINA LAZĂR, MIHAELA MONICA ALDEA The quality of the sludge proceeded from groundwater treatment
  17. ANGELA LUPAŞCU, MARIA ONOFREI - Objects regarding the forest stock in Iaşi county with special regards towards silvic wards in Podu Iloaiei, Hârlău and Paşcani
  18. ADRIAN GROZAVU, SERGIU PLEŞCAN - The natural risks perception in Lepşa-Greşu depression
  19. EUGENIA ŞERBAN, FLORIN MOLDOVAN - The causes and environmenta consequences of the dangerous meteorological phenomena which occurred in the interval 18th-20th may 2008, in the Western Romanian Plain
  20. ADRIAN TIMOFTE, DIANA-CORINA BOSTAN, LIVIU LEONTIE - Radiometric measurements in Eastern Moldavia. Correlations between total cloudiness and the sunshine duration
  21. ION ISAIA - Oscillations and cycles of the air temperature in the Chatham island
  22. ANA-MARIA OIŞTE, IULIANA-GABRIELA BREABĂN – The impact of the state of the buildings on the environment quality in North-West Iaşi
  23. MARIUS LUNGU, LILIANA PANAITESCU - Blizzard – venture hydrometeor in Dobrogea
  24. NICOLAE BACIU, CARMEN STĂNESCU, OCTAVIAN-LIVIU MUNTEAN, RADU MIHĂIESCU, TANIA MIHĂIESCU - Geo-systems and types of geo-facets in the Transylvanian Plain – tools for defining cultural landscape
  25. HELENA-MARIA SABO - Why an early environmental education?
  26. GABRIELA BOCA, ALEXANDRU OZUNU, ŞERBAN NICOLAE VLAD - Natech risk and management: an assessment of the tarnavelor plateau’s specific hazards
  27. IRINA SMICAL, DAN CONSTANTINESCU, MIRELA COMAN - Implementation of regulation no. 2037/2000 concerning the substances that
deplet the ozone layer, in maramures county
  28. IONUŢ VASILINIUC - Hydrophysical indicators of the soils in Horoiata basin
  29. MARIANA RADU, ROBERT-CRISTIAN STOICULESCU- Landscape changes in Colentina river basin (between Buftea and the confluence with Dâmboviţa) as reflected in cartographic documents (1791-2000)
  30. LILIANA PANAITESCU, MARIUS LUNGU, SIMONA NIŢĂ - Studies regarding the cultivation of oil flax in Dobrogea in the current climatic context
  31. ANCA IONCE – Acid rock drainage
  32. DANIELA PLEŞOIANU, PETRU OLARIU - Monitoring data proving hydroclimatic trends in Siret hydrographic area
  33.ALEXANDRU BĂNICĂ-Sustainable urban development indicators. Case study: Târgu Ocna town
  34.ROXANA HOBAI - Considerations regarding the impact of the global climatic changes on the mean discharges in the upper basin of Bârlad river
  35.MIHAI FLORIN NECULA - Observations on the september 2007 flash flood in the Tecucel river basin
  36.NICOLETA DELIA VIERU, NARCIS PAUL VIERU - Urban development of Botoşani municipality in terms of sustainable development
  37.VIOREL PARASCHIV, ANA-MIHAELA GHIURCO - The ecological reconstruction of Jolotca mining (Giurgeu basin)
  38.NICOLETA DELIA VIERU, NARCIS PAUL VIERU Levels of magnesium, calcium and other inorganic compounds in water of the wells in rural areas of Botoşani county
  39.MIHAI FLORIN NECULA - Recent changes in thunderstorm activity in Vaslui



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