Papers, including tables and graphics, are to be submitted English .
Papers are published in English.
Color figures are admitted for publishing only if they aren't suggestive in black and white format.
Page setup: top: 4.8 cm; bottom: 4.8 cm; left: 4 cm; right: 4 cm; gutter: 0 cm; header: 5.8 cm; footer: 4.8 cm; paper size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).
Line spacing: single (1 row); character spacing – spacing: normal.
Font: Times New Roman; font size: 11.
First page: 3 blank rows between header and title.
Papers title: capital, font size: 12, bold, centered, a blank row.
Authors’ name and surname, mark with 1, 2, 3: small letters, font size 11, bold, centered.
1, 2, 3, affiliation and e-mail for each author: small letters, font size: 11, bold, centered; 2 blank rows.
Key-words: maximum 6, in English; a blank row.
Abstract: font 10, lowercase; normal, 2000 characters maximum. The abstract will be indented to the left and right with 0.95 cm (Format – Paragraph – Indentation – Left (Right) – 0.5 cm); 2 blank rows. Abstracts should be submitted also in English.
Text of the paper: loweracase, font 11; line spacing: single (1 row); subtitles (numbered 1.,2.,…), with capital letters, font 11, bold, 1 tab (paragraph), (1.27 cm). Before and after the subtitle will be left a blank row; Sub-subtitles (sections), (numbered 1.1., 1.2.,…), lowercase, font 11, bold, 1 tab (paragraph), (0.95 cm); after the text, a blank row.
References: lowercase, font 10, bold, centered; a blank row; the succession of the works in authors’ alphabetical order (and chronological for authors with more than one paper, first the single author ones). Font 10; justified; line spacing: single; character spacing: normal. The authors’ name will be staggered with a centimeter from the rest of the text. Settings: Format – Paragraph – Indentation – Special – Hanging: 1 cm. Authors’ name and publishing year, e.g.: Popescu, V., Ionescu, Elena (women’s first names in full) (2007), paper’s name in italics, then normal, journal’s name, volume, number, publishing house, locality.
Tables will be inserted, as a rule, after their mention, without outrunning the page’s format (13.5 cm x 18 cm); font will not be more than 11; numbering will be Arabic figures (Tab. 12). Font size: 10, lowercase. Line spacing: single. 416
Character spacing: normal. Below the table, in the left side, will be specified, if needed, the source of the table’s information, font size: 9. Before the title of the table and after the table will be left one empty row each.
Figures (charts, maps, images) will be integrated in text, as a rule after their mention in the text; the image size will not exceed the paper size; the font will be lower than 11, normal; the figures will have below a title (font size 10, Fig. 3).

Paper submission: for every current issue, the paper will be submited in electronic form, maximum 12 pages, at the editor adress,, before 30-th of November, for the first number, and before 30-th of April, for the second number. 


The journal does  not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article  submission charges.

You can visit the review web site , for editing rules, information about peer review process and previous volumes of the review.



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