Papers, including tables and graphics, are to be submitted in word format, all (inclusiv table and figures) into English language.
Color figures are admitted for publishing only if they aren't suggestive in black and white format.
Page setup: top: 4.8 cm; bottom: 4.8 cm; left: 4 cm; right: 4 cm; gutter: 0 cm; header: 5.8 cm; footer: 4.8 cm; paper size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).
Line spacing: single (1 row); character spacing – spacing: normal.
Font: Times New Roman; font size: 11.
First page: 3 blank rows between header and title.
Papers title: capital, font size: 12, bold, centered, a blank row. Authors’ name and surname, mark with 1, 2, 3: small letters, font size 11, bold, centered. 1, 2, 3, affiliation for each author and e-mail for corresponding author: small letters, font size: 11, bold, centered; 2 blank rows.
Key-words: maximum 8 words, indented with 1 cm; a blank row.
Abstract: font 10, lowercase; normal, 2000 characters maximum. The abstract will be indented to the left and right with 0,75 cm; 2 blank rows.
Text of the paper: loweracase, font 11; line spacing: single (1 row); subtitles (numbered 1.,2.,…), with capital letters, font 11, bold, 1 tab (paragraph), (1 cm). Before and after the subtitle will be left a blank row; Sub-subtitles (sections), (numbered 1.1., 1.2.,…), lowercase, font 11, bold, 1 tab (paragraph), (1 cm); after the text, a blank row.

  1. References must be numbered in order of appearance in the text (including citations in tables and legends) and listed individually at the end of the manuscript. Include the digital object identifier (DOI) for all references where available.
  3. Citations and References in Supplementary files are permitted provided that they also appear in the reference list here.
  5. In the text, reference numbers should be placed in square brackets [ ], and placed before the punctuation; for example [1], [1–3] or [1,3]. For embedded citations in the text with pagination, use both parentheses and brackets to indicate the reference number and page numbers; for example [5] (p. 10), or [6] (pp. 101–105).
  7. Author 1, A.B.; Author 2, C.D. Title of the article. Abbreviated Journal Name Year, Volume, page range.
  8. Author 1, A.; Author 2, B. Title of the chapter. In Book Title, 2nd ed.; Editor 1, A., Editor 2, B., Eds.; Publisher: Publisher Location, Country, 2007; Volume 3, pp. 154–196.
  9. Author 1, A.; Author 2, B. Book Title, 3rd ed.; Publisher: Publisher Location, Country, 2008; pp. 154–196.
  10. Author 1, A.B.; Author 2, C. Title of Unpublished Work. Abbreviated Journal Name stage of publication
    (under review; accepted; in press).
  11. Author 1, A.B. (University, City, State, Country); Author 2, C. (Institute, City, State, Country). Personal communication, 2012.
  12. Author 1, A.B.; Author 2, C.D.; Author 3, E.F. Title of Presentation. In Title of the Collected Work (if available), Proceedings of the Name of the Conference, Location of Conference, Country, Date of Conference; Editor 1, Editor 2, Eds. (if available); Publisher: City, Country, Year (if available); Abstract Number (optional), Pagination (optional).
  13. Author 1, A.B. Title of Thesis. Level of Thesis, Degree-Granting University, Location of University, Date of Completion.
  14. Title of Site. Available online: URL (accessed on Day Month Year).

Tables will be inserted, as a rule, after their mention, without outrunning the page’s format (13.5 cm x 18 cm); font in the table will not be more than 11, line spacing single; numbering will be Arabic figures (Tab. 12). Title of the tables, above table with font size 10. Below the table, in the left side, will be specified, if needed, the source of the table’s information, font size: 9. Before the title of the table and after the table will be left one empty row each.
Figures (charts, maps, images) will be integrated in text, as a rule after their mention in the text; the image size will not exceed the paper size; the font will be lower than 11, normal; the figures will have below a title (font size 10, Fig. 3).
Paper submission frecvency. In each review issue, there can be only two papers written by the some author  (only one as the first author).
Paper submission: for every current issue, the paper will be submited in electronic form, maximum 14 pages, at the editor adress,, before 1st  of February, for the first number (June), and before 1st of May, for the second number of the year (October).

Peer review process will consist in:
- verification of the topic of the paper in the review thematic
- verifying compliance with editing rules
- verifying the accuracy of the English language
- analysis of scientific content by two members of the editorial board or by other scientific specialists in the field of the work. In the case of a contradiction, the editorial board will address to a third evaluator.

The average acceptance rate for  publication of the received papers, for the last three issues was 50%.




The journal does  not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article  submission charges.

You can visit the review web site , for editing rules, information about peer review process and previous volumes of the review.



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